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I just happened to think about this. Christianity 1 is called Christ-ianity, NOT Jesus-ianity.  Christianity means those believing in Christ. So, what does Christ really mean? 

Middle English Crist, from Old English Crist; from Latin Christus; from Greek Khristos; from khristos; anointed, from khriein; to anoint.  

In Hebrew, “anoint” means “moshiach,” “the anointed one.” All Jewish kings, priests, and some prophets were anointed. Since Christianity uses the Hebrew bible (Old Testament) to corroborate their beliefs, shouldn’t they use the proper Hebrew terminology?   Messiah means, “anointed.” When was Jesus “anointed ― chapter and verse please?” You won't find it because it is not there!

Shocking as it may appear to some of you, Jesus’ last name was not “Christ.” That moniker was simply a TITLE given to him by Christianity’s authors, editors and/or copyists!  

A quick scan revealed such church references as:

·       Gospel of Jesus Christ

·       I believe in Jesus Christ

To say “Jesus Christ” is just the same as saying:

·       Frankie “bartender;”

·       Hugh “accountant;”

·       Louie "uncle;"

·       Bill “doctor;”

·       Jerome “garbage man.” or

·       Jesus “anointed person”

The proper that the early church should have used was, “Jesus the Christ,” such as Hugh the accountant, or Louie, my Uncle. 

Since Jesus was never anointed in the proper specified in the Old Testament [Exodus 30:25-39 2] Jesus could not have been the Hebrew moshiach, or the Greek Khristos.  The New Testament does not have even a peep about Jesus being anointed, by anyone. Ergo, Jesus could/should never be called the “Christ.” 

Just two examples (you have probably seen many) where some churches which still don’t get it are:

·       Christ Church Cathedral [anointed Church Cathedral]

·       United Church of Christ [United Church of anointed]

But then again there is a weirdo naming convention: “The Church of Jesus Christ [of Latter-day Saints]; in other words “The church of Jesus ‘anointed.’”

Since Christ-ianity evolved into a major religion, the name of Jesus would not have been needed at all. However, following the logic of Christ-ianity, my Uncle Louie could have been the man who preached to the Jews and died on the Roman cross. A myth of him (Louie) could have emerged, and many books could have been written about Louie and still call the religion “Christ-ianity.

My Uncle Louie might even have been called the “Christ,” and still the religion of Christ-ianity would have been born.

THINK ABOUT THIS ― Louis Christ or Louis the Christ !

No matter what you call it, claiming to have an Invisible Friend in the Sky is simply delusional.



1.  Chris·ti·an·i·ty (2) holding of Christian beliefs: the fact of holding Christian beliefs or of being a Christian

2.  25. You shall make this into an oil of holy anoinment, a perfumed compound according to the art of a perfumer; it shall be an oil of holy anointment.

26. And you shall anoint with it the Tent of Meeting and the Ark of Testimony,

27. the table and all its implements, the menorah and its implements, the altar of incense,

28. the altar of the burnt offering and all its implements, the washstand and its base.

29. And you shall sanctify them so that they become a holy of holies; whatever touches them shall become holy.

30. And with it you shall anoint Aaron and his sons and sanctify them to serve Me [as kohanim].

31. And to the children of Israel you shall speak, saying: 'This shall be oil of holy anointment to Me for your generations.

32. It shall not be poured upon human flesh, and according to its formula you shall not make anything like it. It is holy; it shall be holy to you.

33. Any person who compounds anything like it or puts any of it on an alien shall be cut off from his people.' "

34. And the Lord said to Moses: "Take for yourself aromatics, [namely] balsam sap, onycha and galbanum, aromatics and pure frankincense; they shall be of equal weight.

35. And you shall make it into incense, a compound according to the art of the perfumer, well blended, pure, holy.

36. And you shall crush some of it very finely, and you shall set some of it before the testimony in the Tent of Meeting, where I will arrange meetings with you; it shall be to you a holy of holies.

37. And the incense that you make, you shall not make for yourselves according to its formula; it shall be holy to you for the Lord.

38. Any person who makes anything like it, to smell it[s fragrance], shall be cut off from his people.


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