"Christianity, and Judaism, is the belief that an invisible man in the sky* created the universe in six days; basks in blood from mass murders of babies, children, women, men and innocent animals; approves of incest slavery;  created rules to manage slaves; is a bigot, misogynist and homophobe; and jealous of 'other' gods."

―John D. Stone

* In Christianity, their Invisible Man in the Sky is a dead-man incarnate. Also, Judaism hints at, while Christianity is explicit, that your dead grandma has a condo in the clouds where she waits for you to die.


ISLAM or Muhammad's delusion:

"The old psychotic in the sky supposedly made his final, definitive revelation (Ayat) to an illiterate epileptic merchant―cum―bandit. This final pronouncement established Mecca as the center of the universe and proclaimed female slavery, child marriage and terrorism as ethical ideals.  Martyrdom during holy world war (Jihad) is considered the noblest striving of the blessed."

―Ian Nieves