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.C. Syndicated Comic Strip, by Johnny Hart, published on Easter (Good Friday), 20 April 2001   

This B.C. comic strip by Johnny Hart1 shows a menorah, a candelabrum symbolic of Judaism, being extinguished candle by candle and replaced in the last frame by a cross of death and an empty tomb. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

B.C. is carried in 1,300 papers and The Guinness book of World Records lists its creator Johnny Hart as the most widely syndicated American comic-strip artist. Hart, who describes himself as a believing Christian, has been criticized in the past for including theological topics in his strip.”2

In Christian societies, when everywhere you turn you see crosses, pictures of Jesus, hear and see in the media stories of Christian “love,” one’s mind is sublimely controlled. Manipulating people by continued exposure to propaganda is well known. Even the butcher Adolph Hitler knew this ― once saying; “tell the same lie or half-truth long enough, it soon becomes the whole truth.“

Now cartoons are honoring the fictitious man-god Jesus (god incarnate ― Invisible Man in the Sky). When questioned about this anti-Semitic cartoon propaganda, Johnny Hart replied; 3

“The true purpose of Christmas and Easter is to honor a man – the same man, Jesus …whenever I try to honor this man of men, for whom these days are set aside, hackles go up. ‘True Christians’ believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Jewish Messiah, I am one of them.

The God of Judaism and the God of Christianity is the same, and the people of Israel are His chosen people, and Jesus is one of them. The first Christians were all Jews. The olive tree is the symbol of Israel, and by God's grace and the work of the Apostle Paul, all non-Jewish people who believe as I do are grafted into the olive tree. Therefore, I, too, am a Jew. One who believes that the Jewish Messiah is King of kings, Lord of lords and the savior of all mankind.”

Hart finished with;

The message of Easter … Jesus was called ‘the Lamb of God.’ I regret if some people misunderstood the strip, and it hurt their feelings. … This is a holy week for both Christians and Jews, and my intent was to pay tribute to both.”

Now you know the truth! Hart knows that one picture is worth a thousand words, and he also knows that once a bell has been rung, it cannot be un-rung.

"Suppose we've chosen the wrong god. Every time we go to church we're just making him madder and madder." -Homer Jay Simpson (Main character in the television series The Simpsons, first airing on 1989)


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