Matthew, and only Matthew, tells the tale of the “wise men” coming to Bethlehem by way of King Herod.  Have you ever wondered why this bright star all of a sudden vanished, just long enough to cause the wise men to go to Herod and ask about the new born baby and then, all of a sudden, reappeared to shine leading them to Jesus in Bethlehem? Why wasn’t the star over Joseph and Mary’s house shinning all the time? But then, Matthew couldn’t have gotten Herod so involved in his far-out fable. 

These “wise men” men were not just men on camels, but instead, being wealthy ― they carried gold and perfumes ― they would have been traveling with a small amount of guards, servants, flocks and herds to feed everyone along with their household goods. In other words, Bethlehem would have become a scene of major activity. For men having traveled from so to see this baby-“god,” they didn’t stay long. Have you not wondered why nothing is every mentioned of these Magi’s after that? You would think that after worshipping this “baby-god” they would go home and tell everyone about their long trip and finding the Jewish messiah. This would have been VERY BIG news everyone would be excited about! Yet nothing was ever written about it, even by Persian historians. Even Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth never mentions any wise men. But then again, it is all fiction anyway.

Another question comes up, how did Matthew know the details of something that happened thirty years before he met Jesus? He never said that Jesus told him this and that.

Another important question. Logically, why didn’t the king send spies to follow the “Wise Men” to the location of Jesus instead of killing all the children ― including girls ― under the age of three?  [10 point bonus question:  How did the baby John the baptist escape Herod's slaughter? A: It is all fiction! ]

Why didn’t the king just follow the “star” to Bethlehem himself, just as the wise men did? With such an array of wealth and pageantry entering into this small town of Bethlehem, not to mention that “magic” bright star that stood gleaming over Joseph and Mary (like a giant neon road map), Herod did not even need his spies, the whole town would have been buzzing with curiosity about what was going on.

But the town was silent.

"...they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense and myrrh"

 "... they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense and myrrh." (Matthew 2:11 KJV)