You take Jesus -- I'll take Santa! 



The famous image known today as "Santa Claus," the red suit, the beard, the fat man, the red cheeks, etc., (NOT the name, just the image) was created by the Coca Cola Company for an advertisement, over 70 years ago.

 Saint Nicholas was a real person and was associated with giving. The Santa aspect is purely commercial these days. But, how could Christians be so secular by pushing Santa Claus during the birthday of their man-god Jesus? Are Christians thinking that Christmas trees, decorations and all the Christmas stuff is the way of their Jesus aka god, the Invisible Man in the Sky?

Actually no! None of it is Christian! The Christmas meal is very much a handed down tradition from England where it was cold at December 25th. The gift giving is supposed to be equated with love, but now tends more to be about "how" much you love someone. The more expensive the gift, they more the “love.”  

If Christians really wanted to celebrate Jesus’ birth, and make it really symbolic, they would run around giving gold, frankinsence and myrrh to babies in stables. Or perhaps giving real help to poor families with underprivileged children.

You take Jesus, I'll take Santa!